joi, 6 ianuarie 2022


After Forever - Ephemeral [Full Demo EP]

The Flower
[by Laudato si Ad astra]

Alone on a mountain top.
Near a decade locked on an icy ledge,
´a whore for the cold world`.
A prison without walls.

A seemingly endless winter abruptly came to it´s end.
A flower voiced, your divine melody releasing me,
Tears streaming,
the sigh of an awakened soul.

Exposed to the colours of you,
Petals more beautiful than a mind can dream.
Positivity, gratefulness and a certain sense of euphoria,
now surrounds me throughout my days.

You radiate endless natural beauty - your expression.
My wilted soul now soothed, embraced and revived.
I´m no longer frozen and distant,
your warmth made me melt inside.

You leave a garden in your wake.
Souls blossoming beside you,
and an inevitable affinity awaits.
To us lucky ones cared for by you.

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