joi, 25 iunie 2015


Images from Battleship [2012]

Brother: Do not waste a wish on a girl!.. [...] 
Hopper: It’s my birthday.. my wish. Right?..
Brother: Please, don't wasted it..
Hopper: What seems to be the problem?
The girl: I want a chicken burrito..
Hopper: Johnny, chicken-burrito her.
Johnny: It ain't happen.
Hopper: Chicken-burrito her!
Johnny: Kitchen’s closed, Hopper.
Hopper: What's your name?
The girl: I'm hungry..
Hopper: .. That's not your name..
The girl: ..
Hopper: If you give me five minutes, I will get you your chicken burrito.
The girl: Five minutes, starting now.
Hopper: [barf] Chicken burrito time, I'm out!
Brother: Chicken burrito, roger that.

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