vineri, 3 ianuarie 2014


I've been told that the act of forgiveness frees the person doing the forgiving from harboring dark, and ultimately self- destructive, emotions. While there is no guarantee that the transgressor will be relieved of shame and guilt, the forgiver will always feel better. In other words, forgiveness is, first and foremost, self-serving. Now I am all about self-serving, so for the last few years I have been practicing a sort of forgiveness mantra. Upon awakening and before retiring, I visualize those who have harmed me and imagine myself flowing love and compassion toward them. Additionally, I wish for them to have everything they could possibly want. I'm happy to report that it's working. Slowly, over time, anger has become resentment has become indifference has become amusement has become affection. And now I'm free and my heart is full. 

You believe me? 

Do I believe me? 

1st Aired: 2 Dec 2013

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