joi, 23 aprilie 2020


Dancer: Ester Maria Valentina Annunziata
Music: "Taranta" by CGS Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino

(text: M. During / Music: L. Einaudi, M. During)


io tegnu nu tormentu intra lu piettu
Because it consumes me, it's not the farm anymore

I tremble the earth is shaking them
There is never an end to my love

Quiddhu ca mangiu nu tene taste
There is no light or culore.

People are sapia community you care
We're going to be bad if he calls taranta

It's time for the cangiati
There's something to hear lu miu dulore

And it brings me water to heal
We ask for grace to heal

There's no way to be taranta ca me tene
But it's not me lassa and me face mpaccire

There is taranta or abandon me
We dance on the nu you can cure

There's taranta relax dance
There's malencunia kick her out

I keep a torment inside my chest
That consumes me and never stops

The earth trembles under my feet
there's never an end to my fall

What I eat has no taste
For me there is no more light or color

people knew how to treat yourself
If your evil was called taranta

and today that times have changed
who can feel my pain

And who brings me water to heal
to whom I ask for grace to heal

I don't know if it's taranta that keeps me
but he doesn't leave me and drives me crazy

If it's taranta don't abandon me
If you dance only you can't cure yourself

If it's taranta let her dance
If it's melancholy kick her out

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