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Preview of Floors episode [Sep. 14, 2019]

Beste Zangers over Floor Jansen

"Well, Goodmorning!"
"Breakfast in bed!"
"You're kidding?"
"You're the headguest tonight, right? "
"And we're gonna pamper you already"
"How sweet!"
"I know right!"
"Tonight is the night of Floor Jansen. She normally makes symphonic metal music"
"How sweet!"
"On your day!"
"I am gonna hug you now - a robe hug"
"So sweet of you"
"Floor Jansen with Nightwish... She's the best selling record artist of the Netherlands and there aren't many people who know her."
"I think I am the only one within the entire group who's known Floor already for a while - even from before Nightwish. What I like so much about Floor is that she's very sweet and graceful in everything she does. And when she's on stage, well then a voice comes out - seriously, so intense"
"Wow man, there's such an energy coming off that stage, insane, insane, how she plays the music, and then the operatic voice.." "Amazing... her band is so insanely good"
"What she did so far, and is still doing at this moment. I think she's the best selling artist of the Netherlands at this moment and I hope, especially for her, that the rest of the Netherlands will embrace her more now"
"They went and sold over nine million albums! So I can imagine that everyone who has to sing for her are a bit scared now" "This is truly a challenge for me. Floor's genre is miles away from what I normally do"
"Are you looking forward to it?"
"Yeah, very much! I'm very curious to see what's going to happen and what you all prepared for me and which song you chose to do."

thanks to @Ineke

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